What we do

We build MGA businesses - is that what you're looking for?

ACIES can make this happen we have experience over a wide range of insurance solutions, lines of business and different marketplaces around the world, international risks & exposures, data analytics and portfolio performance management. We are FCA authorised as a MGU to underwrite consumer & commercial business. Our full end to end digital underwriting & operating system gives us the ability to:

  • Read unstructured / semi-structured data to ingest submissions in numerous different formats (so customers don’t have to change their processes or practices)
  • Receive data, underwriting information & claims updates from different sources via portals, apps, emails and API connections to 3rd parties
  • Bordereaux management mapping our system to different customer formats – premiums, exposures & claims
  • Issuance of policy documentation
  • Data analytics, risk insights and portfolio performance management
  • Regulatory, governance and compliance
  • Finance, Accounts Receivables, Payroll and HR

We Like:

  • MGAs, teams, start-ups and existing portfolios – we are largely “neutral” to the line of business being proposed
  • UK and international based portfolios working directly with local partners
  • Niche speciality lines; plus
  • Products embedded within P&C for a “one-stop-shop” industry sector solution; and
  • Standard products but with an “edge” to stand out from the crowd
  • Risk mitigation services integrated with the insurance proposition
  • Data and technology driven businesses (or a stated ambition to “go digital”)
  • Opportunities offering a great “front end” customer experience
  • Transparency
  • Building ecosystems

What type of people and business are we looking for:

  • Business people who can see beyond the transaction
  • Passion and personal drive
  • Integrity
  • “Hunger” to do something different
  • Clear idea of the target customer and the “problem” which needs solving
  • In-depth knowledge & sector experience
  • Strong distribution ideas
  • Desire to leverage data, insights and improve risk selection
  • Start-ups or existing business looking for the right home